So we have a page... what now?

Well we do have a page and that means we can start improving it.  For that we need your input.  Any Email inquiries can be sent to until we get mail back online.  You can submit comments via the Contact Us page or by Email direct.   Any mail submitted to the site will be routed to the appropriate people manually - provided who they are intended for is noted in the message.  Remember, we need good pictures to show off the crew so don't hesitate to send them in.


We can look forward to multiple authors adding  posts  and a detailed page listing crew positions and current holders.


In the mean time we are attempting to restore critical files as much as possible and improve the flow of the page.


Thank you for your patience,



The Page Is Live!

Welcome to the new home of Black Beards Crew!  In the coming weeks we can look forward to rapid changes as the page is refined and improved.  Our next big project is getting mail back online.  


We apologize for being offline for so long, here's looking forward to sailing with you once again!



This is a test, this only a test

This is a test, yes, this is a test, yes, this is only a test

A test of mans will, of mental strength, and of endurance,

A challenge to be overcome with greif, happiness, joy, and ultimatly oblivion as the cold icy grip of death takes us into nothing but death and decay as the world around us falls to the inevitable end of man, the planets, and ultimatly, the universe, only to be reborn as a new and unimaginable creature equally ill suited to live up the ball of rock and mud as anyone else is or isn't.


Please stand by while your life ebbs away.